Magnum Machining is a full service machine shop specializing in the prototyping and short run production of small to medium sized components. Focusing on the medical and small electronic industries but not limiting ourselves from other sectors such as food industry products, race car components and custom machine parts, we have been able to supply a demanding industry with the new “JIT” deliveries.

Working mainly with the medical and small electronics industries we have focused our attention to the prototyping and first off production runs of parts for our customers. Using high end Cad-Cam and secure data transmission we are able to use a paperless system which not only tends to eliminate mistakes but also streamlines the entire “Art to Part” process.

In this ever-changing industry delivery has become the number one concern of our customers. It is not uncommon for our customers to supply data in the evening and receive prototypes before noon the next day, or Friday evening and want the completed parts Monday morning. This is where we shine, quick turn of your machined components.