About Us

Magnum Machining was started in January, 2003, with a vision of building complex multi dimensional parts as a core business. Hard work and dedicated people helped to bring Magnum to a Class A CNC machining facility that machines virtually any material and under many degrees of complexity.

Our capabilities range from rapid prototype to small production runs. Today we are proud to say that we can build parts as small as a ballpoint pen to large machine parts fitting into a 40″ X 30″ X20″ envelope. As you browse though our web page, you will see our large geographical customer base which proudly places Magnum as a solid company for many years to come.

State of the Art Facilities

We continue to purchase CNC Machine tools and computerized measuring equipment and maintain state of the art facilities. Computer hardware and software are on a rotating replacement program.

Our Commitment

We believe our customer’s success is our future. Our role as a machining facility is to provide excellent quality product and on time delivery at a fair and competitive cost. By employing state of the art machine tools, modern technology and top quality people, we stand ready to build a mutually beneficial business relationship. Precision Machining at its Best! – reflects our dedication to quality and efficiency.

At Magnum, our job is a creative combination of economics and engineering, resulting in the production of what we always consider to be your most critical mechanical part. The only way to achieve this is by forging a partnership, by becoming involved in every aspect of the job – from initial concept and design through production.

Our goal at Magnum is to build long term relationships with each of our customers. To that end, we want you to think of us as an extension of your company. We take great pride in the quality and appearance of our work. When you purchase parts from us, you receive them clean, de-burred and carefully inspected!

Understanding the importance of Zero Defects in today’s environment, every person at Magnum is trained to be part of our overall quality assurance program. Additionally, every new machine we purchase is carefully evaluated for its ability to produce the necessary accuracy. Because nothing can be taken for granted, and because even the smallest part could have an enormous number of technicalities which must be thoroughly understood, we work closely with not only your purchasing people, but with your engineering department, as well.